Travel changes lives!

Every year, we’re amazed to see how travel changes lives.  From the high school student who comes face to face with a nesting sea turtle and decides to study marine biology to the girl guide who visits an animal rescue center and vows to go back to Costa Rica as a volunteer. We thank you for your passion for the environment, helping local communities and proving that travel does change the world!


What they say


THANK YOU for an amazing ten days in Costa Rica!

EcoTeach provided great service throughout the entire experience, from helping us craft a perfect itinerary for our group to providing the perfect packing list so that we wouldn’t feel like we left anything behind to the most amazing tour guides in the country!

- High School Teacher


I was able to learn so much about the people and the culture of Costa Rica.  I saw how the people helped each other, worked hard and their entire society seemed so much closer together. I will bring so much from this trip.  Lessons that will help me view the world differently and motivate me to put forth my best effort into changing it. 

– 9th grade Student


My absolute favorite part of the trip was when I had the opportunity to hold the egg bag as a turtle laid her eggs.

It was just so mystical: the massive turtle and her powerful strength, the smell of the sea, the soft thud of the eggs into the bag… I’ll never forget that experience,and I’ve become completely hooked on sea turtles and marine biology.

–  College Student

The next instance of “leaving our own world,” was the magical time crossing four fast-flowing rivers, first by motorized dug-out and then by wading.  The sight of the long line of students, adult chaperones and guides, making their way across the river with steaming mountain forests ahead and a narrow footpath to follow, made me happier than I can remember for a long time.

– Parent/chaperone

I just want to thank you for providing my daughter with such a wonderful experience.  She loved it, and I was so impressed with all the things the group did. She enjoyed the food, the people, and the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  This was money well spent for a learning and growing life experience.  Thank you for being so organized with helpful information prior to the trip. Families at home appreciated the e-mails letting us know what the group was doing and sharing all the photos with the smiling faces in them.  - Parent of student traveler