Indigenous Communities

DSC03710EcoTeach supports indigenous communities in Costa Rica, Peru, and Mexico.  Many of our trips involve cultural exchanges, where our hosts teach us about their history, spirituality, and traditions.  Participants also sample local dishes, learn how these groups survive through organic farming and ecotourism, and play games with their hosts.

Our trips provide a source of income that helps these indigenous communities develop in sustainable ways.  Additionally, with the on-going support of our student groups and generous donors, The EcoTeach Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, also provides funding to improve schools, provide clean water, and build health centers.

EcoTeach helps support these indigenous communities:

  • BriBri (Costa Rica): We visit the communities of Soki, Namu Woki, Boruca and Yorkin located in the Talamanca Mountains.
  • Yagua (Peru): On our Amazon trips, groups have the opportunity to practice making traditional crafts like pottery and baskets.
  • Huichol (Mexico): This community, located in the Sierra Madre Mountains, welcomes groups to participate in volunteer activities and more.

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Learn how the EcoTeach Foundation supports indigenous communities with donations of equipment and how you can help!