The Countdown to Costa Rica Continues.

2016 Student Field Reporter Project:  EcoTeach has enlisted the help of several students to share their 2016 Costa Rica experiences with us. Over the coming months we will regularly feature their posts, photos, and reflections – letting them tell their amazing stories of Costa Rica and it’s impact on their lives!  

Reporter:  Emma, Palisades Middle School Student

My departure to Costa Rica is in less than two weeks and I’ve never been more anxious and excited for anything in my life. I get to miss school for a few days and I also get to go on an amazing trip to one of the happiest countries on earth. Even though I get to go on a fun, relaxing, and life-changing trip to Costa Rica, there are a lot of things I have had to do over the past year to make sure I have the best time possible in the best country I could possibly go to.

Over the past year, I have had to do a lot of things to get myself ready for my trip to Costa Rica. One of the things I’ve had to do is fundraising. I’ve done a lot of work like babysitting on my own to raise extra money so I’m able to go to Costa Rica. Trips like this cost a lot, so any extra work to earn money can help pay for the trip.

There have been a lot of meetings that my parents and I have had to go to. These meetings helped myself and other students in my group learn about the things we need to do to get ready for our trip.  The meetings also prepared us for what we will do in Costa Rica so we’re never confused and can pack the proper things for our activities.

Packing is essential when you travel to another country, especially Costa Rica. If you don’t pack, you will not have any clothes to wear, or any sunscreen to protect you from the very evil sun. So, I made sure to be prepared for the fight against the sun. I packed a lot of sunscreen, six bottles to be exact, and I also packed a lot of bug spray to protect against the mosquitoes that think it’s cool to bite me.

So now, the countdown continues, as I mentally prepare myself for my trip. All of the packing is done, and I must wait until we board the plane that will take me and many other people on an adventure like no other. I must make sure I learn a lot in Costa Rica and have the best time of my life. This will be a great trip. I just have to make sure I make it the best trip that it could possibly be.