Ten reasons teachers should travel to Costa Rica with EcoTeach

EcoTeach has partnered with Environmental Expeditions to offer the Costa Rica Field Expedition for Educators from July 18-27, 2013.   This 10-day workshop is packed with hands-on field study and volunteer work.  You’ll tour Veragua Rainforest Research Park and work on their unique frog monitoring program, spend two nights at a Caribbean sea turtle station where you’ll patrol the beaches for nesting sea turtles, visit an animal wildlife rescue center, explore an exemplary organic farm and experience the biodiversity of Monteverde Cloud Forest.

We compiled our participants’ highlights from the 2012 Educator Expedition to offer the:

TEN Reasons Teachers Should Travel to Costa Rica with EcoTeach

  1. Spending time in the least touristy places – Veragua Rainforest Research Park and Estacion Las Tortugas.
  2. Being welcomed into the kitchen at the turtle station, Estacion Las Tortugas, and seeing how the family shared baby care and cooked together.
  3. Working hard in the heat and humidity at Veragua Rainforest Research Park to create a habitat for endangered frogs and then visiting a habitat created by another EcoTeach group and seeing the frog there. It was actually working, and we were making a difference!
  4.  It pushed and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and overcome my fears.  I also felt as though I experienced something others will NEVER see and I am grateful to EcoTeach for that!
  5. The hummingbird garden at Selvatura Park in Monteverde.
  6. The turtle station and seeing a green turtle on the beach.
  7. Night insect walks at Veragua Rainforest Research Park.
  8. I enjoyed all of the “real life” experiences our EcoTeach guide provided. Small things make a big difference in getting to know the country.
  9. Watching the baby sea turtles walk into the ocean. I feel so lucky to have been able to have this experience.
  10. I had so many great experiences I honestly can’t pick just one.

Whether you want to preview the trip before you travel with students or just want an educational adventure, this trip is for you!

To be a part of this year’s educator trip to Costa Rica, visit – http://www.ecoteach.com/costa-rica-trips-educators/.