Amazon Rainforest Workshops Team

EcoTeach and Amazon Rainforest Workshops have teamed up to offer trips to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.  For over two decades, Amazon Rainforest Workshop’s experiential field programs have offered educators, students, and naturalists a rich, engaging, and exciting immersion into the world of tropical ecology, indigenous culture, sustainable development, and rainforest research.  Their programs are designed to stimulate awareness, compassion, and connection, giving participants the rare chance to learn through their own curiosity and sense of wonder.

Christa-150x150Christa Dillabaugh, Director, Amazon Rainforest Workshops

Christa has a degree in biology with emphasis in science/environmental education from Purdue University in Indiana. As a middle school science teacher in Bexley, Ohio, she first traveled to one of the first Amazon Rainforest Workshops for Educators in 1993. Nearly every other year since then she has teamed with other science specialists to lead groups of students and teachers in hands-on rainforest field study trips to the tropics. In addition to roaming around the neotropics, she also works as a free-lance science consultant to Pearson Education, contributing to educator in-service workshops and training materials focusing on STEM and Understanding by Design in the middle school classroom.

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