hatchlingEcoTeach is not a family business, but it sure feels like one. From the personal care you’ll receive from our staff to the warm friendships you’ll develop with our guides and bus drivers – we're committed to our travelers, the communities we visit and conservation projects we support.

Meet the family:

  • Our U.S. Team handles sales, travel logistics and stateside customer service. They are the principal point of contact for the group leaders, individual and family travelers, as well as the parents of students traveling with EcoTeach.
  • Our partners in Costa Rica, Herencia Verde, handle all the logistics of your travel in Costa Rica. The staff and guides are committed to educational travel and are always on the lookout for learning opportunities. They're your constant companions while you’re traveling, and the people you’ll remember long after your trip. They will get you where you need to go, educate you, inspire you, translate for you and make your travel as meaningful as possible.
  • We have been sponsoring educational trips to the Amazon for teachers and students for more than 10 years and are a proud partner of Explorama Lodges, founded by teachers and providing an unparalleled experience for students in the Amazon.