Raise funds for your school and support organic coffee farmers in Costa Rica!

Do you still have cookie dough in your freezer from last year’s fundraiser?  Tired of magazine subscriptions and wrapping paper?  We were. That’s why we’re excited to offer Tortuga Coffee, www.tortugacoffee.com, and why we’re dedicated to fundraising with a conscience.

Tortuga Coffee works directly with Sol Colibri Coffee in Costa Rica to buy freshly roasted, organic & fair-trade certified coffee.  Sol Colibri Coffee represents hundreds of small, family-owned farms in the Dota region of Costa Rica and keeps all of the labor in their local community from growing to roasting to packaging.

Your group earns $4.00/12 oz. bag of coffee sold. Our easy-to-navigate website, www.tortugacoffee.com, was created to make ordering quick and easy.  Customers simply select your organization from a drop-down menu during the check-out process and your group earns credit for every bag of coffee sold in your group’s name.   Orders are shipped directly to the customer’s home or office.   No inventory, no distribution, no money handling.

To sign up for our fundraiser and learn more about the amazing work being done by Sol Colibri Coffee, contact us at 1-888-894-3603, ext. 10 or info@tortugacoffee.com.