Our First Costa Rica Student Field Report

2015 Student Field Reporter Project:  We’ve enlisted the help of several students to share their 2015 Costa Rica experiences with us. Over the coming months we will regularly feature their posts, photos, and reflections – letting them tell their amazing stories of Costa Rica and it’s impact on their lives!  

Reporter:  Jenna, student at Gateway High School

My trip to Costa Rica is fast approaching. I can’t tell if I am more excited or nervous. The other day, one of my teachers announced where we would be sitting on the plane and I’m next to Robin, one of the chaperones.

Robin is not a teacher at our school but was a substitute teacher for another chaperone on our trip. When Robin heard my school was going on a trip to Costa Rica, she volunteered to go as a chaperone.

Robin organized most of our group’s fundraisers.  She put together a “cut-a-thon,” our most successful fundraiser, and contacted the people at a local salon to organize the event. She was also able to get the event advertised on the news and radio. We had so many people come to get their hair cut and nails painted. Most of the students who participated were able to make quite a bit of money.

The other day I went shopping for the trip. I wanted to get small presents for the children I meet in Family giftCosta Rica and the family that will host me. I wasn’t sure what to get the host family, but my mother found this beautiful bird house. It’s an oval shape, hollow in the middle, with tiny blue and greenceramic squares covering it. When you put it in the sun, the little ceramic pieces reflect light off in all different directions. It looks like it twinkles. I think it will be perfect.