We Support Local Schools

Costa Rican Local Schools

EcoTeach directly supports several local Costa Rican elementary schools - Huetares, Escuela El Jaúuri, Las Esperanzas and Las Brias. Our groups are excited to see what a school looks like in another country, and the Costa Rican children appreciate meeting American students. When we visit these schools, our travelers often bring school supplies or other necessary materials. The school typically offers a Costa Rican lunch and the children perform traditional songs and dances. Upon returning, several groups have raised money to fix buildings or donate essential materials. These rural schools are quite poor and without the support of EcoTeach and our groups, they would not be able to take care of most of these necessary projects (like toilets, wells and school supplies).

Participate in a school visit on any of these EcoTeach itineraries.

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Adopt-a-School Program in Peru

Peru adopt a schoolThrough our partner, Amazon Rainforest Workshops , travelers have the opportunity to participate in CONAPAC's Adopt-a-School program to support schoolchildren residing in rural areas of Peru.  The program supports a variety of local schools by providing textbooks, reading materials, maps, charts and reference materials for teachers and students.  Although education is important in Peru, the government is unable to supply the rural schools with these educational materials.   Many of our travelers participate in community service work at the schools during their visit to the Amazon.  After returning home, school groups and individual travelers often join CONAPAC’s Adopt-A-School program and raise funds to support the distribution of supplies for every child in the CONAPAC village network.

Have a chance to visit a school in Peru on these trips.

Association of Handicapped Artisans of Nicaragua

A.M.A.N., Asociacion de minusvalidos Artesanos de Nicaragua, provides students with disabilities a pinataplace to learn the basics of reading, writing and math.  The school teaches life and social skills and provides a variety of artisan workshops.  Students gain self esteem by learning to make pinatas, jewelry, dolls and other products that are sold to support the school.  Volunteers have the chance to work side by side with the students on their various projects providing assistance and support.

Visit A.M.A.N on the Costa Rica & Nicaragua Cultural  Exploration trip.