How Travel Has Changed Megan’s World

At EcoTeach, we feel so fortunate to receive updates about and from our former travelers. Some travelers are inspired to go on to college to study marine biology or environmental science, others contact us to find out how they can go back and volunteer at the projects they visited and some are so touched by their experiences that they simply want others to have the same opportunity. We want to share some of these remarkable stories with you.

Honestly, this is why we do what we do!

I have to take the bus to work very early in the morning and it is often full of other people on their way to work. Yesterday there was only standing room and I was glad to stand and hold onto the bars just like we did on the way back from visiting the Bri Bri tribe. I was so happy standing there because I was remembering being soaking wet, sun burned and full of a sense of adventure. Everyday I find something new that reminds me of our trip and I know the same happens to everyone else. From the trees that remind me of the jungle, to smells of fresh fruit or hearing Bob Marley and a million more things. I know that trip changed all of our lives. I still remember the day Marjie (teacher) came up to me and told me about it. I fell in love with Costa Rica and I know one day I will be back.

Pura Vida,
Scriber Lake H.S., Edmonds, WA

Megan will be working with the students at Scriber Lake H.S. to help them raise the funds needed for their trip to Costa Rica this year. Thank you Megan, and thank you to everyone else who has taken the time to tell us how traveling with EcoTeach has changed their world. And, while we’re at it we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that the EcoTeach “How Travel Has Changed Your World” Contest is going on now through the end of April. Write just 250 words or less about that topic and you could win $500 EcoTeach bucks or any of several other prizes. Your odds are great as we don’t have as many entries as we’d like (wink, wink) so please enter today! Check out the contest website at for more details.