Fundraising for your trip

EcoTeach works with Grounds for Change to offer a simple and profitable coffee fundraiser. Grounds for Change is a family owned roaster that is passionate about operating as a green business, has received a Washington award for Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability and donates 10% of each coffee fundraising order to the EcoTeach Foundation, 501c3.

How does the coffee fundraiser work?

      1. Your group purchases 8 oz bags of roasted to order coffee from Grounds for Change.
      2. Each 8 ounce bag sells to your group for $5.00 with a suggested retail price of $10.00 (although you are free to adjust this higher or lower as appropriate to your region.
      3. There is a minimum order of 50 bags (1 case). When the minimum order of 50 bags is met, GFC provides FREE UPS Ground shipping within the 48 contiguous states.
      4. Grounds for Change provides each fundraising coordinator with order forms and product menus that describe their coffee.
      5. When you place your first order, know you’re helping to support The EcoTeach Foundation, 501c3, and providing vital funding for a wide variety of locally-owned and managed projects in Costa Rica and Peru.

Coffee Fundraiser

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