Faculty-Led Itinerary - Service Work

Historic Quito

Tour Quito’s historic downtown, a UNESCO heritage site. Local guides will perform a theatrical history for you as you traverse the city.  Visit Mitad del Mundo equator monument and museum.


Days 1-2

Arrive Quito

Historic Quito tour

Mitad del Mundo monument and museum


Learning Opportunities:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Ecuador's history and culture
  • Cross-cultural engagement and communication
  • Experiment with gravitational pull at the equator
  • Explore the significance of historical monuments to a country and its people


On your way to Mindo, make several stops to explore the flora and fauna of Ecuador.


Day 3

Travel to Mindo

Butterfly garden visit

Orchid garden visit

Hummingbird observation

Chocolate tour


Learning Opportunities:

  • Study local flora and fauna
  • Discuss conservation and importance of protected areas
  • Understand the historical, cultural and economic significance of chocolate production in Ecuador

San Clemente

In San Clemente, spend three days immersed in the daily life of your Ecuadorian host community.  Experience their sustainable life as you stay with a local family and participate in various service projects.

San Clemente

Day 4-6

Welcome meeting & introduction to community

Hands-on cultural activities

Work with community members on service projects

Hike to Cubilche Lake



Learning Opportunities:

Understand the connections between economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability

Apply sustainability concepts as you engage in real-life experiences

Experience full immersion in another culture



After bidding "good-bye" to your host family, travel to Otavalo for a little relaxation, exploration and cultural experience.

Otavalo market

Days 7-8

Visit to local hot springs

Walk to Peguche waterfall

Explore Otavalo market

Lunch with local music and dance group presentation



Learning Opportunities:

Explore work of local artisans

Experience local music and dance





Take time to reflect upon your trip and prepare for the trip home.


Day 9

Transfer to airport




Learning Opportunities:

Trip reflections