Costa Rica Trip Preparation

2015 Student Field Reporter Project:  We’ve enlisted the help of several students to share their 2015 Costa Rica experiences with us. Over the coming months we will regularly feature their posts, photos, and reflections – letting them tell their amazing stories of Costa Rica and it’s impact on their lives!  

EcoTeach Student Reporter:  Alexandra, Moraga Intermediate School Student

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Timidly, I glanced around the room.  I could feel that everyone was a little uncomfortable and really nervous.  At first, we were really excited, that part has not changed, but our excitement is now also mixed with fidgety nervousness.

Our seventh-grade trip sounded far away when we first signed up almost eight months ago.  Now, with only six weeks before we leave on our EcoTeach tour of the rainforests, beaches, and people of Costa Rica, all 20 students can hardly think of anything else.

We all sat down in our seats.  We sorted ourselves, without really meaning to, into two boy and two girl groups.  We all sat with who we liked and stayed away from those we did not.  Some of my friends are going, but not all of us have friends who are going.  I came out of my daze and realized that the meeting had started.

In preparation for the trip, our teacher asked each of us to look up a specific item and write about it. hawksbill She would put all of our reports together and make a travel brochure.  I loved that idea and was happy to do a report.  I wrote about hawksbill sea turtles. I chose to do that because I love turtles and I want to become a marine biologist. One of my friends wrote about the population and other basic facts about Costa Rica because she is a very practical girl and wants to know basic information about Costa Rica.

Next, we started talking about what we are going to do in Costa Rica.  She reminded us about our "Huetares School - Covered Meeting Area"fundraiser.  We decided to raise money for a school in Costa Rica.  The kindergartners all play next to a river and the school wanted to raise money to build a fence so the kids can play safely.  I really liked the idea of helping to keep the kindergartners safe so I told all my friends about it. They totally agreed and donated money.  The money that my friends donated made a difference and made us get closer to our goal.  So far, we have raised $1,700.  When we go to the school, we might be able to see the fence being made.  We will also try to teach the kids to play American football and maybe they’ll help us improve our soccer skills.  I know everyone is excited to meet the kids in Costa Rica.

With the meeting done, I asked one of my friends how she felt about going to Costa Rica.  She was excited, but now much less nervous.  Also, she was anxious to learn.  I think our whole group was feeling the same way.