Costa Rica

Indigenous BriBri Community


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The BriBri are one of the last remaining native populations of Costa Rica. The BriBri practice non-invasive agriculture within their protected mountainous rainforest in the southeast corner of the country – a place reached by way of a rugged mountain trail. EcoTeach travelers learn about sustainable living, their history, culture and way of life.  Travelers learn how they they find food, medicine, tools and building materials within the rainforest. The BriBri live in sustainable harmony with the splendor of their natural surroundings. EcoTeach is one of the few tour providers invited to visit the BriBri on their sacred land, and is always grateful for the experience.

Boruca Indigenous Reserve


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Located in southern Costa Rica in the Talamanca Mountains, the Boruca are artisans known for their vibrant, intricately carved and painted masks, weaving and other hand-made objects. The Boruca is a sustainable farming community, however, the majority of its economy is supported by artisan crafts and ecotourism. Families grow rice, beans, coffee, cacao, fruits, corn and tomatoes. They also raise beef, chicken and pork but most only grow enough food to feed their families.  Only a few people remain in the community who speak their native Borucan and Spanish has become the dominant language.  The Borucan language is now taught in schools.

While preserving their cultural, heritage and lifestyle, the Boruca have welcomed the outside world.   Visitors to the Boruca Indigenous Reserve are invited to observe the group's cultural traditions, visit native homes and participate in mask making workshops.

Providencia de Dota

Sugar cane processing

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The small farming town of Providencia is located near Cerro de la Muerte and is surrounded by lush cloud forest.  Here, community members are committed to sustainable farming practices and developing micro-enterprises to support economic vitality.  Local entrepreneurs hope to create opportunities for Providencia's youth and enourage them to stay in the local community.  Visitors to Providencia have the chance to work on their 100% sustainable farm, learn about the fruit pulping process, participate in the entire milk process from milking cows to making cheese, find out how sugar cane is processed and work with local artisans.

Posada Montserrat


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Located in the central volcanic range of Costa Rica, Posada Montserrat is surrounded by lush cloud forests teeming with biodiversity.  This small community has limited infrastructure and is populated by only 12 families – all sharing a strong commitment to sustainable living.  Local community members practice sustainable agriculture, organic farming and are working to protect and conserve the forest and its natural resources.  The community is also focused on micro-enterprises that improve the local economy.

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Through our partner, Amazon Rainforest Workshops, travelers to the Amazon have a chance to participate in community service projects in villages located along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. Almost all children in the villages along these rivers consume water directly from rivers, streams and ponds. This water contains many parasites that cause them to be become ill and malnourished. Amazon Rainforest Workshops supports CONAPAC,  the Civil Association for Conservation of the Peruvian Amazon Environment, to help provide clean water to families living in these remote villages. Community water treatment plants produce potable water and significantly improve the quality of life for river residents. CONAPAC monitors the treatment process, trains operators, and educates the communities on importance of clean water. Amazon Rainforest Workshop participants support CONAPAC by bringing down supplies for CONAPAC’s household water treatment plants. CONAPAC is an NGO formed in 1990 in Iquitos, Peru, by a group of teachers, forestry engineers, and employees of the travel operator Exploraciones Amazonicas S.A.-- Explorama Lodges.

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