Announcing new opportunities to see turtles in Mexico

For a long time, EcoTeach has been known for our amazing, hands-on conservation trips to Costa Rica. We are known by many for our work with turtles. We are always looking for new places where we know our student groups will have life changing experiences…and we’ve just found our latest addition in Mexico:  Mayto Sea Turtle Camp and Huichol Sierra Madre. Both are located in the Jalisco province of Mexico and both are extraordinary!

The Huichol Sierra Madre itinerary offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to become completely immersed in an ancient indigenous culture- the Huichol.  Travel to the Sierra del Nayar and stay in cabins built by the community, volunteer at a local health clinic or school, fish with the Huichol, learn their crafts, experience their rituals and play a favorite sport – volleyball.   This itinerary is available year-round.

The Mayto Sea Turtle Camp itinerary is focused on conservation, culture and community service work.  At Mayto, the high season for nesting turtles is July-February – the months where Leatherbacks are not nesting at our Costa Rica projects – and offers a chance to a see a variety of sea turtles.  Spend four nights at the camp and participate in nightly beach patrols, work with the local staff biologist, explore the flora and fauna in the surrounding area, visit a bat cave and perhaps swim with turtles at a nearby beach.  After volunteering at the camp, spend several days in the small, coastal town of San Pancho, go on a jungle tour and participate in service work at the San Pancho cultural center.

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EcoTeach is excited to team up with Wild Travelers to share these wonderful Mexico itineraries with our travelers.  Wild Travelers was founded by leaders of several international wildlife and conservation organizations, such as Wildcoast (USA), Global Volunteer Projects (UK), Alexdinamo (MEX), Los Otros Mexicanos (MEX), E.C.O.  (USA), and Save the Rain Forest (USA.)  Wild Travelers has helped promote and enact several progressive environmental regulations that are already making a notable difference.