10 Reasons to Travel to Ecuador

EcoTeach is now traveling to Ecuador and we’re looking for students and teachers passionate about educational travel to join us!    If you’re considering an international student trip and want your students to experience authentic cultural exchange, participate in hands-on community work and have real-world experiences, check out our new Ecuador itinerary and be inspired by the “10 Reasons to Travel to Ecuador.”  Contact us today to start planning your student trip.

  1.  Location, location, location – There are few places on earth where you will find such boundless diversity and spectacular natural wonders.  Situated on the equator in the northwest corner of South America, Ecuador is bordered on the north by Colombia, by Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the West.   According to Dan Prescher, International Living’s Special Project Editor, Ecuador is considered the country with the best climate in the world!
  2.  Meaningful travel.  During your trip, participate in community service work and have a chance to immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian life and culture.   Have a chance to work side by side with the local people and participate in one of the community run micro-enterprises, teach English in the local school, help with administrative tasks or reforestation activities.  Your volunteer efforts will broaden your perspective and make a visible impact on the quality of life for numerous families, the community and the local economy.
  3.  Education.  Our trips focus on learning and personal growth gained through intercultural traveling.   We get you off the beaten path to have real-world experiences.  You might spend time in the “Indichuris” community and learn about the Ecuadorian Amazon, spend the night in cabins typical of the area, visit several indigenous communities and then have dinner with one of the communities in Otavalo.  We make travel as easy and safe as possible, using every opportunity along the way to share and teach.
  4. Stay with a local host family.  Spend a day or two living with a local family.  During your visit, participate in daily activities like preparing dinner with ingredients from the family garden or play football with the local children. We carefully select and prepare our host families, host organizations and volunteers.
  5. Galapagos Islands.  Extend your trip and experience the amazing beauty and biodiversity of the islands.   Visit a mangrove beach and see sea lions, marine iguanas, frigate birds, swallow tailed gulls and blue footed boobies.  Observe penguins, flamingos, sea turtles and the flightless cormorant and encounter giant tortoises in the wild.   You’ll have a chance to hike, snorkel, swim and kayak! 
  6. Salsa dancing.  That’s right!   After exploring the town of Quito,  take salsa lessons from the best – the locals – and salsa dance the night away!
  7.  Feel like a local.  Explore,  experience and travel Ecuador extensively.  
  8.  Your own group and guides.   We don’t mix or combine groups.  That means you get your own private bus with your own guides so you can focus on the relationships and experience of your own group.
  9.  All-inclusive pricing.   With EcoTeach, you know exactly what your trip will cost.  Virtually everything is included – bilingual local guide, private in-country transportation, accommodations, meals, activities and entrance fees, post departure travel insurance and tips.
  10. Lead a tour and travel free!     Travel for FREE with at least 10 participants.