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Welcome to EcoTeach

Our Costa Rica Tours Offer Real-Life Experiences!

Our Costa Rica tours focus on hands-on conservation, ecology and authentic cultural exchange. Our passionate Costa Rican guides will immerse you in real-life experiences like shopping for a picnic lunch using only Spanish, cooking in the kitchen with host families, working side by side with local community members on vital conservation projects and much more!

On an EcoTeach Costa Rica tour, you’ll also have unforgettable adventures. You might raft on rivers, trek through rainforests, fly on zip lines high above the canopy, and meet monkeys, sloths and birds of every color. You’ll also have rich cultural and environmental encounters: you may help protect endangered sea turtles and their hatchlings, accept the hospitality of a local farming family, and work with local environmentalists on projects to protect the delicate balance of some of the world’s richest ecologies.

Founded by teachers in 1994, we specialize in providing educational tours to Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for student groups, teachers, families and individuals.  Led by experienced naturalists, our itineraries are reasonably priced, all inclusive, and can be easily customized to meet your needs!

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Galapagos Island Exploration

Galapagos Island Exploration

Experience the perfect mix of education, exploration and adventure on our Galapagos Island trip.  Learn about the Galapagos Islands’ history, hike lava trails to Cerro de las Tijeretas, discover pirate caves on Floreana Island, observe Giant Galapagos Turtles on Santa Cruz island and explore Tortuga…

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NEW Costa Rica Caribbean Ecology Trip

NEW Costa Rica Caribbean Ecology Trip

Explore the ecology, ecosystems and people of Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Work with endangered sea turtles, relax on the beaches of Cahuita National Park and participate in hands-on research work at Veragua Rainforest Adventure & Research Park.

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